We have now decided to handle our own business for now at least and are no longer signed to SLP Records. Also, very good news for those of you who want more; recordings have begun for our next release. Continuing with our unpredictable style of music. Looking forward to release this material.




Last satrurday we played the Tingvalla festival in Märsta/Sweden. It was simply awesome!. Why? Because of all of you who came and showed your loud support. We want to extend a very warm and heartfelt Thank you to ALL of you:

Thank you very very much and see you soon!




Our drummer Garm is finally getting better after a failed surgical intervention and is due to get out of hospital this week. We hope to have him joining us for songwriting in just a few days. He will of course be recovering for quite some time yet, but this is the best news we´ve had in several weeks.

This also means that our delayed debut album and video will be released soon.

Thanks for waiting for us.





Finally after the ordeals of Garm´s illness we are back in full strength with the releas of our first album Härd.

Also some gig-dates are upcoming, check out the separate page above. Hopefully we´ll be able to get to play a couple of festivals even though it´s late in the summer for booking.

Hope to meet you out there!



The debut album of Gjutjärn is being reviewed in the january issue of Sweden Rock Magazine. We got 8/10! No one is happier and more proud than we!

In the magazine there´s also an interview with Galt where he gives a background to band.


The album is in the final stages and is seeing the light of day soon.

Also, the video for Släggor is soon to come out.



Gjutjärn has signed With Sliptrick Records.

The bands first EP "100 Ton" is available on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.


Songs: Släggor





A video on the song Släggor has been shot and will be released toghether with the release of the physicall EP.


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